• 6 to 12 lb test mono filament line (we use Cajun red line)

  • Medium action spinning rod and reel

  • 1/8, ¼ , 3/8 oz jigs (chartreuse and glow white are the best)

  • *Early season* ½ to 1 ½ oz sinkers

  • In-line barrel swivels (to prevent line twist)

  • 1/0 hook with a spinner or flasher of any kind ie; Little Joe Spinner, Lindy rigs etc.

  • Medium Heavy rod with 20 lb braided line for trolling

  • Trolling casting baits; Wally divers, Rattle Traps, Reef Runners, Bayrat

  • Live minnows/leeches available at the lodge (you are not permitted to bring any live bait into Canada from the USA



  • 12 to 20 lb test line (or heavy braided line – power pro, fireline, etc.)

  • Medium Heavy spinning or baitcasting rod and reel

  • Steel or titanium leaders 9”

  • V-Shaped Bass style spinner baits (Closed clasp work the best)

  • Bucktails, Rapala’s

  • Spoons 2” to 6” range – Little Cleos (Blue/silver, firetiger), Johnson silver minnow, 5 of diamonds, Red & White daredevils, etc.

  • Crank baits, both shallow and deep – Big Husky, Jerks, Bomber, Long A

  • Suicks, Jerkbaits, Glidebaits, Swim Baits



  • 6 to 10 lb test line

  • Medium spinning or baitcasting rod and reel

  • Slip Bobbers and stops

  • Small straight hooks and split shots (for leeches)

  • 1/6 to 1/8 oz black jigs (for leeches May – July)

  • ¼ to 3/8 black jigs (August  - September)

  • Berkley Gulp Alive 3” shiners or Twister Tails, Crawdad plastics

  • Tiny Torpedos, Poppers, Spooks, Skitter Pops, Pop R and all other small topwaters.

  • Rattlin’ Raps (blue/silver, crawfish)

  • Any type of crank bait, both deep and shallow, baits that rattle seem to work best – X-Raps, Husky, Jerks, Fat Raps

  • Mepps Spinners No. 2-4, buzz baits and small 2’ spoons, spinner baits.



  • 60 to 80 lb power pro line (or similar braid – use heavy mono backing line on reel-no slippage)

  • Heavy to extra heavy baitcasting rod (6’ or longer)

  • Baitcasting reel with large line capacity and gear ratio of at least 5:1

  • 100 lb plus steel or fluorocarbon 10-12” leaders with heavy cross lock clips or what you normally prefer

  • Topwater baits – Topraider (Baby Loon, black/Orange, etc.) Top Buster, Top Walker, Jackpot, Weagle, etc.

  • Bucktails – Shumway Flasher, Funky Chicken, Screamer, Maina Trouble, Cowgirls, Showgirls, Mepps Musky Marabou, Blue Fox Super Vibrax No. 5, Small Mepps No. %’s, Pdeez, etc.

  • Jerkbaits and GLidebaits – Suicks, Baby Suicks, Bobbie Baits, Sledge, Manta, Hughes River, Reg and Baby Reef Haws, Bull Dawgs, etc.

  • Spinnerbaits – Linday M&G or any other tandem baits

  • Any other trick that you would like to test out on our waters



  • 8 to 20 LB Clear Mono filament line

  • A medium heavy baitcasting outfit or spinning with large line capacity

  • 1 oz white or cherry color jigs, hair jigs

  • 4 to 6’ Storm Swimbaits – silver and grey in color (Paddletail, White twister tails)

  • 3 to 4” tube baits (white or glow) Berkley Gulp Alive 4” shiners

  • Fat Raps with 1 oz egg sinkers

  • 4” flashy spoons, Doctor Spoon, K.B. Spoon, etc. AS well as 6” Rapella or similar trolling type plugs, Deep Husky Jerks, Wally Divers, Deep Diving Crank Baits



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