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"Moosehorn Lodge has welcomed my family for years, but this past week was my first time. After setting me up with my fishing licence(and a hat), we rested. Starting each day with a delicious meal, our guides(Colin, Tony, and Chris) led us to catch more fish than I ever have before. After a delicious shore lunch consisting of said fish(until we reached our limit) we fished on through the day. A delicious dinner followed, then back to our comfy cabin to rest and catch some sports on TV. Taking time off is great, when you are taken care of like we were at the Moosehorn, it can be special. Do yourself a favor if you like to fish. Go here!!"

E. Thomas              

"I've been lucky enough to fish with the team at Moosehorn Lodge for the past 7 years. Can't say enough about Linda, Carter, Nicole and the whole team. The rooms are great and well kept, food is restaurant quality every day, and they quickly make you feel like family. As for the fishing, Greg and Colin are the finest guides I've even worked with - on fish, all the time, every day. If you go to Canada and don't stay here, you've made a mistake."

D. Cobb                

"Had a great time at Moosehorn Lodge when I was there the last week of July. The walleye fishing was fantastic and the shore lunches were incredible. The staff and guides are all very friendly and go out of their way to make your stay a memorable one. I was impressed at how clean and well maintained the cabins, main office, boat dock and boats were. 
The last day of our trip we fished musky, for a first time musky fisherman I had a awesome time. Though I did not hook into one, I did have a follow by the biggest fish I have ever seen in my life!! Our guide thought it was a legit 50"+ fish!!! You want an opportunity to catch the biggest fish of your life, give Moosehorn Lodge a call, they'll put in in the right spots, the rest is up to you!!"
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